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Gillespie Approach - CFT - Infant Training Manchester UK

The Gillespie Approach- CFT  3 Day Infant Training

The Gillespie Approach 3 day Infant Class teaches students the techniques developed by Dr. Gillespie to treat newborns and pre-crawling babies. The Baby Brain Score (BBS) will be presented which is a screening tool that measures neonatal neurophysiology at birth.  It is an effective method of manually checking the brain function of a newborn. If there is structural and neurological compromise, Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) may help correct the negative effects of fetal and birth traumas. CFT may prevent many long term chronic conditions from appearing later in life and more importantly, promote optimum cognitive brain function as well as structural cranial development.

The class will include lecture on infant-birth trauma and conditions that may benefit from CFT. Techniques will be demonstrated and students will have ample opportunity to practice on babies with instructor supervision.

Fetal and birth trauma can cause conditions of serious brain injury. This includes autism, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy, to less severe nervous system conditions such as ADHD, strabismus, dyslexia and speech disorders.  Other common pediatric conditions that may be caused by fascial strain and birth trauma are colic, esophageal reflux, constipation, digestive issues, nursing/latch issues, sleeping issues, asthma, earache, headache, rhinitis, neck ache, jaw pain, and scoliosis.

  1. The benefits of CFT may be felt by the entire family by creating a more peaceful family environment. With a happy and content baby, parents feel more rested because they are not always consoling a fussy baby. Siblings experience better quality time from parents and can enjoy their new happy sibling. This healthy family dynamic flows into all areas of life.

  2. CFT may contribute to excellent infant neurological development. The Family Hope Center reports that children in their infant program have reached their neurological developmental milestones 30% faster than those not receiving CFT.

  3. CFT may facilitate the ability to latch on and prevent sucking and swallowing difficulties, colic, reflux, gas, digestive issues, constipation, poor napping, general distress, stridor, torticollis, pyloric stenosis, and clubfoot.

  4. Early CFT intervention may result in structural immunity where subsequent physical trauma has little or no effect on structural health.

  5. CFT may prevent future childhood conditions like asthma, headache, ADHD, learning disorders, and other conditions.

  6. CFT may  contribute to a better neurological learning environment where focus, concentration, memory, thinking, and other cognitive functions may be maximized.

  7. Ultimately, CFT may result in children who can become the best version of themselves.

Prerequisite is The Gillespie Approach - CFT 3 Day Foundation Training

Coordinator: Caroline Cross +44 7771 971736

Venue Details:

Yew Tree Wellness Center Carr Lane Alderley Edge Cheshire SK9 7LS

Maximum of 12 students.

Tuition $1650

Contact Caroline to make payment

Cancellation Policy:

In the unlikely event a course has to be cancelled or rescheduled tuition fees paid will be refunded.  Cancellations by student prior to 21 days will receive refund minus 15% fee.  After 21 days the student may apply the tuition to a future training with The CFT Global Team.